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3M car window tinting rejects up to 99% of ultra violet rays and reduces glare while providing increased privacy.


Window tinting is one of the many options you may consider when purchasing a new vehicle 

Car window tinting offers improved comfort levels for both driver and passengers by reducing heat and glare as well as providing protection from harmful UV rays.

A premium quality window film also helps protect your car’s interior surfaces from premature ageing while improving privacy.


3M Automotive Window Films

At Diamond Paint Protection we use and recommend 3M Automotive Window Film in their Color Stable, Ceramic IR and Crystalline product ranges. 3M combines outstanding performance with industry leading film clarity.

Rivaling the appearance of factory tinted glass 3M Window Films provide exceptional heat rejection with no signal interference!

Our car window tinting is custom fitted in house by a professional 3M Accredited Installer with experience in all models including prestige, European and performance cars.

3M Color Stable Window Tinting

Color Stable window film offers protection from ultraviolet rays with a 99%UV rating, exceptional SPF ratings and is designed to reject up to 57% of radiant heat coming through your windows. Color Stable increases privacy while giving your car a more streamlined look.

3M Ceramic IR Window Tinting

Ceramic IR window film has been developed with advanced nano-ceramic technology providing superior ultra violet protection and infra red rejection. Ceramic IR reduces glare while maintaining excellent visibility.

3M Crystalline Window Tinting

Crystalline window film offers the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look. Crystalline provides up to 99.9% UV protection while rejecting up to 60% of heat coming through your windows and up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infra red light.

All 3M automotive films also come with a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty.

3M Car Window Tinting in Perth Western Australia by Diamond Paint Protection and TKO Tinting
Porsche 718 Spyder protected with paint protection film (PPF) and 3M Car Window Tinting



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As well as car window tinting we can also provide paint and interior protective treatments for your new car.

For the ultimate in car care we also stock a comprehensive range of car care products to help you maintain your car.

Diamond Paint Protection is a Ceramic Pro Approved Applicator with over 22 yrs experience in polishing and protecting car paintwork.

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