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* Polishing and protecting Perth cars since 1998… We have 18 years experience caring for car paintwork and use the latest products and techniques to be Perth’s leading car paint protection specialists.

* Ceramic Pro approved applicator… Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a highly durable nanotechnology coating for automotive paintwork, a new generation of product, which outperforms and outlasts the older Sealant/Teflon/PTFE  type products on the market . Diamond Paint Protection is currently the only Ceramic Pro approved applicator in Perth Western Australia.

Workshop location…Our workshop enables us to complete the entire paint protection process under cover, providing a dust free environment and good lighting which are both essential when working on car paintwork.

* Environmentally friendly… We have one of the few car detailing workshops in Perth with a Water Corporation approved indoor wash bay and water disposal system which means contaminated water is not released into storm water drains or the environment.

* After hours service… For busy people, we are flexible with drop off and pick up times if you have a busy schedule. We also offer a client drop off and pick up to Cockburn Central Train Station convenient for city workers.

* Quality over quantity… We do not have multiple staff working on multiple cars. We personally work on all cars and devote our full attention to them. This means your car is worked on by someone with many years experience, not someone who may have been trained last month, last week or worse still not trained at all.

 *Window tinting… Premium quality customised car window tinting using high quality 3M automotive window film applied by a professional installer.

Call 0417 958 358 , we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Paint Protection applied to a Ford Fiesta in Perth


 Thanks for visiting our website, at Diamond Paint Protection you’ll find quality, value for money and excellent customer service.

You have many options when it comes to choosing a paint protection treatment for your new vehicle.

We provide a professional alternative to expensive car dealership protection packages using high quality products such as Ceramic Pro paint protection, Swissvax high performance car care products, Scholl Concepts polishes and Toughseal interior treatments.

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to protect your new car and are tired of bad customer service or inexperienced employees handling your car, Diamond Paint Protection Perth has everything you are looking for.

Tony and Sharon, Diamond Paint Protection Perth

Tony & Sharon Altamura



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What is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is the application of a protective treatment to the paintwork of your carProtective treatments can come in the form of a wax, a sealant or a nanotechnology coating. The application process consists of paint cleaning/decontamination, polishing and finally applying the protective treatment.

Which type of product is best, waxes, sealants or or nanotechnology coatings?

Once cleaned and polished, your car’s paintwork should be treated with either a high quality wax, a car paintwork sealant or a nanotechnology paint protection coating.

Many car enthusiasts and owners of show and prestige vehicles still prefer the natural shine and glow that a good quality Carnauba wax offers while they still enjoy polishing their cars regularly.

Paintwork sealants offer better durability and protection compared to waxes but can be slowly removed by chemicals in car washing shampoos.

Professionally applied nanotechnology paint protection coatings such as Ceramic Pro bond to your car’s paintwork, have high resistance to chemicals and offer a highly durable high gloss finish which is preferred by car owners looking for exceptional durability, easier maintenance and superior protection.

You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to dealer paint protection prices.

As a client of Diamond Paint Protection you cut out the middle man and deal directly with the applicator – saving you money.

There are no car dealership commissions or mark ups when dealing directly with us.

You also get to speak directly with a professional car detailer and paint protection applicator rather than a sales person at a dealership.

Ceramic Pro Perth

Ceramic Pro paint protection – Perth approved applicator

We are proud to be the exclusive approved applicator for Ceramic Pro Paint Protection in Perth.

Every once in a while a product comes along which is a game changer – Ceramic Pro 9H offers protection and durability which the older sealant type products simply cannot match. Ceramic Pro treatments are used by many experienced car detailers, paint protection applicators and car care specialists in over 50 countries.

Ceramic Pro 9H, nanotechnology paint protection.

Nanotechnology paint protection in Perth by Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro 9H is a nanotechnology car paintwork coating offering unmatched chemical, thermal, UV and oxidation resistance while providing excellent protection from bird droppings, tree sap, road grime, tar and bug impacts.

Ceramic Pro 9H is also super hydrophobic which helps keep the paintwork cleaner while making washing easier. Once applied and cured Ceramic Pro forms a highly durable bond to the factory paintwork making it one of the most durable paintwork treatments on the market.

Ceramic Pro 9H is backed up by a Warranty* provided by Nanoshine Australia against damage from environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, tar and bug impacts.

*Warranty subject to Nanoshine Australia warranty terms and conditions.


 Automotive paint protection and polishing in Perth, WA




The paintwork is often an underestimated part of your car.

Great paintwork not only looks good but often provides a good first impression to a potential buyer come resale time and may even result in a higher trade in value.

Ceramic Pro paint protection is also the ideal solution for business and fleet vehicles – improving their presentation while providing easier maintenance.

When choosing someone to apply paint protection to your car some things you should consider are,

* Professional applicators spend many hours researching the best products and techniques, networking with other leading paint protection applicators around Australia and the World.

* The total price of dealership paint protection is usually inflated by commissions – the dealership gets a cut, the salesperson gets a cut and often these can be more than the initial price of the job itself.

* Some independent car detailers may offer very cheap prices but may be doing very little preparation and use cheap or outdated products.

* Preparation is the key to a good job and allows the paint protection product to bond correctly to the paintwork. Please ask us what we do to prepare the paintwork prior to applying the final product.

Interior –  Fabric, Leather and Plastic Trim Protection.

We also have a range of treatments from Ceramic Pro, Swissvax and Toughseal which will help maintain the interior surfaces of your car,  including carpet and fabrics, leather upholstery, plastic trim, dashboards and other interior surfaces.


Car Window Tinting.

Diamond Paint Protection can also provide premium quality window tinting for your car saving you time running around. We use 3M automotive window films which we have custom fitted in house by a professional 3M licensed installer with experience in all vehicles types including prestige and European.

3M automotive window films come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Find more info at New Car Window Tinting or call us for a quote.



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